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BB: LOL that 8767 s nice, well when did u do self sex first in life?
Mandy: Well, like I said, I was a very good girl and that was not something that was 8775 ok 8776 when I was Most of my sexuality has been after I was married.

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They got in and V looked over at Sarah. 8775 Yeah. I 8767 ve wondered what Joe would say if… Isn’t it fun to keeping them wondering. 8776

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He caught me looking one day and smiled. Not long after that he asked in a conversation if I had ever been with a black man. I replied, 8775 Not yet 8776 and smiled. Shortly after that he got more physical as far as touching me and leaving his hand to linger on my arm, or holding my hand or putting his hand on my back as we walked along. Frankly, he was DRIVING ME CRAZY! Now, we were not supposed to have much physical contact - house rules - so we had to be careful. One day while we were close and talking, he leaned over and kissed me. It was just a quick kiss, but it sent lightning bolts through my body, and had my mind and emotions reeling! I can 8767 t even remember the rest of our conversation after that, I just remember it was close to the time when we had to go to our rooms and I was up most of the night thinking about him!

Even at the party I could still feel them tingle and they pushed against the lace of my balconette bra, which seemed to just rub them enough to keep them that way. I adjusted the fabric in an attempt to relieve the pressure, and only succeeded to undue a furtherbutton of my blouse. I noticed Steve, one of my husband 8767 s friends looking. I smiled and he smiled back before he walked over and started chatting. He was tall, at about 6 8767 7 and with a quite chunky build. He worked in computers like my husband. I couldn 8767 t stop myself looking in to his deep blue eyes as he talked. He positioned himself close to me so he could hear me speak. His eyes kept glancing at my chest and the pale flesh of my breasts. I smiled. I liked the attention.

BB: So Mandy tell us something about yourself
Mandy: Well, I am a petite blonde that does amateur porn and shares it with everyone through my website. My hubby does the video and he loves it because he is mostly a voyeur.

BB: are u a naughty housewife, who like to tease her husband in the morning and play in the kitchen while cooking
Mandy: He likes to take pics of me in the morning and I post them on Twitter for #morningmandy. Its a win win lol

After dinner we went over to the adult theater. This was my second time at this theater but never with another girl. On the drive there, she was hanging out the window flashing us! She had guys arranged to meet us at the theater. They waited a long time because we were having so much fun at dinner that we got to the theater very late. But they were there anyway… Jenny and I went to the bathroom and shared a large stall as she told me she was taking care of me and knew these guys. So sweet of her! Well they were all strangers to me and little did she know, I can take care of myself. We took one of the rooms and took several of the guys in there with us. Most were black with a few white guys mixed in. I wouldn’t know for sure because immediately I was half undressed so my boobs were out and my face was buried deep in a circle of cocks that I was working to pleasure. Jenny was helping and still we weren’t getting to them all.

Once the guys were done with me, Jenny’s hubby, Cum Artist, came over wanting a blow job, which I accommodated. I was creamed all over my face and hand. I just laughed at the amount of it! So much cum!! I got a huge blob in my eye. I asked Jenny to come help clean me up which she did. Don’t worry, this was all videoed..

I adore being a public gloryhole slut, sucking and fucking any cock that presents itself through the hole, laying there putting on a show for anyone willing to watch me pleasure myself, it 8767 s a real heart racing adrenaline buzz.

As the evening wore on I played the birthday girl perfectly. Flirting a little with various people, but more often than not ending up with Steve. He got braver and held me by my waist pulling me on to him as we swayed to the heavy beat of a record. I rubbed myself against him and could feel his erection pushing against me. His big hand squeezed my bottom. I felt hot, excited. My heart beat increased and I felt my chest rise and fall with increased vigor. Steve watched as my breasts swelled almost emerging from the confines of the lace cups. Steve whispered in my ear 8776 you 8767 re a horny little minx, you 8767 ve got me all excited. 8776 8775 I know I can feel you, 8776 came my quick reply. I tried to stop myself but I was turned on.