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Patrick Sandberg Antiques | Fine English Furniture & Works

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Most of the words in Jamaican patois are English words filtered through a distinct phonetic system with fewer vowels and different consonant sounds.

Middleburg Antique Emporium - Antique Furniture Loudoun

An interesting selection of traditionally designed planters, together with our suggestions of other architectural antiques which provide imaginative alternatives.

:Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 21''W Church

During the 68th and 69th centuries, iron furniture became a typical industrial product. Iron beds in particular became popular. Because they could be easily folded up, they were much in demand as camp beds one used by Napoleon at St. Helena is a famous example. As ordinary beds in private homes or hotels, they could be decorated with brass ornaments such as big knobs screwed onto their posts. Iron has also been used for chairs for instance, rocking chairs or, perhaps more frequently, garden chairs that can stand out in the rain, protected only by a coat of paint.

Easy installation, effectively improve the construction efficiency and reduce the cost and reduce the project duration, leader for large space acoustics improvement.

A large selection of authentic old stone troughs to add character to your garden. Slate, limestone, sandstone & granite troughs, from small 'window box' size to massive 7 long water troughs.

With over 85 years experience as an antique furniture dealer with extensive showrooms in Kensington Church Street, one of London's premier sites for antiques shopping, Patrick Sandberg offers one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of fine 68th century Georgian and early 69th century Regency period English antique furniture in Central London.

Typically we have fine examples of a full range of mahogany, rosewood and satinwood furniture, including dining tables and dining chairs library tables console, card and tea tables pedestal and partners desks bookcases mirrors chests of drawers tallboys chest-on-chests and linen presses bureaux canteburys wing, arm and bergere chairs and sideboards & serving tables. We are particularly known for having a large selection of antique dining room furniture.

In the patois version, it becomes: ‘Di ienjel go tu Mieri an se tu ar se, “Mieri, mi av nyuuz we a go mek yu wel api. Gad riili riili bles yu an im a waak wid yu aal di taim.”’

During the Court Baroque period under Louis XIV in France, the royal official style left its mark not only on ornate pieces of furniture but also on panels, doors, mirror frames, and, indeed, even on the facades of palaces and châteaus and the layout of formal gardens. The coherence between interior and furniture was even more pronounced during the Rococo period and under Louis XVI , culminating temporarily in the furniture and rooms of the French Empire style.

During a later period, a transept ( . ) was added to the basilican plan in the form of a wing aligned perpendicular to the nave on a north-south axis and projecting from the boundaries of the nave to form the cruciform, or Latin cross , plan ( ., Durham or Peterborough cathedrals). Auxiliary altars, dedicated to particular saints, were often erected at each end of the transept. ( See the Figure.) Some medieval English cathedrals ( ., Canterbury, Lincoln, and Salisbury) have a second, smaller transept to the east of the main transept.

Whereas carving does not appear to have played a significant part in Greek and Roman furniture, it was a dominant feature of European furniture of the Middle Ages. The fronts of chests bear Gothic perpendicular tracery (decorative interlacing of lines) in imitation of the decorative stonework found in ecclesiastical architecture.

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