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Yes, you can return to a stock setup because no modification to your existing clutch parts is necessary. Generally, you can return a bike to stock manual setup in about 85 minutes. With the addition of a manual mode pressure plate, the Rekluse Core EXP can be converted from auto to manual mode and back to auto mode in 5 to 65 minutes.

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Export Excellence (ExporTech) provided Rekluse a great platform to formalize our export program. As a result of the program and the resources we connected with, we were able to implement a comprehensive strategy and meet our growth goals.

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No. Rekluse clutches are more efficient at clutching than the human hand, which means your clutch parts will last as long as stock componentry. In fact, Rekluse clutches are so efficient that they typically last longer than a conventional clutch. The exception to this rule is if the clutch is installed incorrectly and the break-in procedure is not performed.

With your mind off your clutch, you’re free to concentrate on other things like the scenery of that gorgeous mountain highway, negotiating that steep single track, or how to get through that strategic line.

Rekluse Auto Clutches automatically engage and disengage clutches, not transmissions.  One must shift the gears up and down just like in a motorcycle with a manual clutch.  The clutch feed and modulation to lock out (full engagement) and the disengagement (to prevent stalling) are automatic. The rider doesn’t have to manually modulate the clutch lever as this is automatic.  However, all Rekluse Auto Clutches have the manual clutch lever override feature allowing the rider the choice to use the clutch lever or not.

We have been performing ongoing testing of oils over the last 67 months given some of the advancements which have been made including the updated JASO-MA7 classification. What we have learned is there are many good motorcycle specific oils available from companies like, AMSOIL, Bel-Ray, Maxima, Motul, Nils, and Spectro   (listed in alphabetical order). The best oils we have tested meet the spec of JASO-MA or JASO-MA7 which signifies that the oil is fit for use in wet-clutch motorcycles. It is important to note that some synthetic oils have this certification and some don’t.

You still need to use the clutch lever to shift gears, but you don’t need to feed out the clutch lever when starting from a stop. If you’ve mastered clutchless shifting, you don’t need to touch the clutch lever if you don’t want to.

Proper clutch function is dependent upon the primary chaincase oil viscosity, chemistry, and quality. Use the OE recommended oil or any brand of quality primary oil. Keep up with regular oil changes according to the bike manufacturer 8767 s recommendations. Tired, dirty, or won primary chaincase oil can hinder clutch performance and may cause excessive clutch drag or noise.

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If shifting without the clutch lever, it is recommended to “Power Shift” just as you would a regular manual clutch. Even with an auto clutch it can be tough to shift up through the gears if you are under power without chopping the throttle or bumping the clutch lever.

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