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The choir is composed by singers between the age of 65 and 75 that live in Palermo and in their free time sing only the soloist is a professional. We found the musicians in a senior center in Palermo, and they play by ear.

ACertain Tendency in French Cinema - French New Wave

Even though the situation and the locations are exceptional, I wanted to give a feeling of everyday life, let everything follows its course, to have in the film sensual moments and leave in the background the dimension of pain, fears and hopes.

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A summer vacation on the Normandy Coast becomes an eye-opening lesson in the pleasures and pitfalls of romance for 65-year-old Pauline, as she and her beautiful cousin Marion are courted by three very different men. The third in Rohmer’s ‘Comedies and Proverbs’ series is a wise and witty reflection on love and sexual desire.

7558 From left: "Untold Scandal", "Memories of Murder", "A Tale of Two Sisters", "Save the Green Planet"

We can see how adroitly the champions of the Tradition of Quality choose only those themes that lend themselves to the misunderstandings on which the whole system is based.

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In Paris outskirts Blanche, a clerk, befriends Lea, a girl livelier than she is. Lea is going steady with Fabien who is a friend to Alexandre who is going steady with Adrienne but is. See full summary

In the middle of the novel there is a discussion about faith between the priest and an obtuse atheist called Arsène. The discussion ends with Arsène saying: ''When one is dead, everything is dead.'' In the adaptation, the discussion, which takes place on the very grave of the priest and is between Arsène and another priest, brings the film to a close. The sentence ''When one is dead, everything is dead'' was supposed to be the last line of dialogue in the film, one that carries weight, the only one perhaps that the audience will remember. In his book Bernanos did not conclude with ''When one is dead, everything is dead'', but with ''What difference does that make? Everything is grace.''

''Inventing without betraying,'' I can hear you saying. It seems to me that in this case there is rather little invention and a great deal of betrayal. Let''s look at just one or two more details. Aurenche and Bost were unable to make Le Journal d''un curé de campagne because Bernanos was still alive, whereas Bresson said that he would have taken greater liberties with the book if Bernanos had still been alive. So Bernanos hampered Aurenche and Bost because he was alive, but hampered Bresson because he was dead. 8

8775 Seven Days 8776 was shot over 7 months on the Sicilian Island of Levanzo, and is coproduced by Prato/Rome based Emanuele Nespeca (Solaria Film), associate produced by Mario Mazzarotto (Movimento Film) and with the assistance of Paris based Ilann Girard (Artcam Sarl). It is supported by the FOC Schweiss, MIBACT and Regional Fund of Sicily.

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