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Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (USA, UK and Canada) - Androidayos

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 14:52

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WARNING!   DO NOT DOWNGRADE to old firmware build version. If you already installed the then stay at , we cannot downgrade back to and , due to the bootloader restriction.  Grab the correct stock firmware file according to your device model numbers. Flashing a specified stock firmware according to the model number to any other variants may result into  ‘hard-bricks’ and you cannot recover it by your own. Use of these files is solely at your own risk!


These are Samsung Galaxy S9 variants full factory firmware or stock ROM, official releases from OTA (over-the-air) and Kies firmware server. These are unmodified or rooted, these are all original and very useful for restoring back your  Samsung Galaxy S9 to its original factory default settings. These stock firmwares are for Galaxy S9 built with quad-core version for North America that has a Qualcomm 8767 s Snapdragon 655 SoC containing a quad-core GHz Krait 855 CPU and an Adreno 875 GPU.

Note: This page will be updated from time to time, if and when there are new sets of stock firmware available for United States, Canada and United Kingdom Galaxy S9.

Stock Firmware Usage: These stock firmware are for advanced users and after-market developers use only. The stock firmware can be only manually flash using ‘Odin downloader tool’ while connecting the device into the computer.

Note:   Some minor OTA updates may and might not be included here, all OTA updates firmware can be installed or flashed via recovery. The list might be incomplete, if you couldn 8767 t find what you’re looking for,  sorry to say, but you need to find it somewhere else. If you have something to add on the list, then let us know. Again, these stock firmware are serve for US and Canada Galaxy S9 owners only, to anyone who loved into tweaking, tinkering, modifying and beautifying their devices. Just  in-case something might go wrong and messing it up in no time,  these files might only the last resort to revived it. These are all very important firmware back-ups for future use, such as for those who might think of rooting or installing custom ROMs may also have one of these files. I recommended you to download it and save it in your computer. These might help you save for repair costs if you messed-up from tinkering.

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